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Julia Pfeiffer is a multidisciplinary artist based In Berlin. Her practice alternates between performance, installation, photography and ceramics with a focus on the aesthetic and symbolic interaction between objects and photographic images. In her installations ceramic pieces are staged in settings and create an associative interaction which refers to the structure of systemic constellations.
Julia Pfeiffer has initiated and been part of multiple art projects while participating in international exhibitions. From 2005–2009 she managed the exhibition–space Montgomery in Berlin with Roseline Rannoch, where they hosted up to 40 shows, talks, concerts with more than 70 artists, writers, musicians and collaborated with other project spaces from Berlin and abroad.
Her early works in the Nineties included a collaboration with artist Stefanie Popp for which they created a fanzine, video and performances dealing with the flood of images in new media and the performative surveillance of loneliness through Zweisamkeit (togetherness). Using found footage they performed the struggle of bearing with the challenges of that time while joyfully anticipating the staging of the ego and contemporary selfie habits.
A recent project in progress is HC2020 a label for ceramic tableware. With this label Julia Pfeiffer presents unique tableware sets in different colors, forms and compilations. The design of the sets evolve from considerations about the interaction of form, color, texture and size of the dishes along with the overall sensual appearance of food. The format of the sets is distanced from traditional dinnerware towards more open concepts of serving food.
In 2018 Julia Pfeiffer finished a training as mediator. Through an ongoing process of learning and integrating artistic tools and methods to the mediation practice, she is starting to offer mediations in her studio to artists and others in a conflict situation with a reference to art. The creation of the setting and tools is part of the artistic intervention. This includes the design and production of the setting, the sculptures, photographs or object collections which invite to support the mediation process.

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